How to use

Web Interface

The user interface of is divided into two areas: on the left there is a search function in the database, on the right there is a display area for the digitized documents. In the search slot, enter names or descriptions of works you are looking for. The search function automatically displays results as you type. You don’t have to press a special button. If you see results that interest you, simply drag the small preview image or the IIIF logo into the display area on the right. You can see how this works in detail in this video on YouTube.

Technical use is fully IIIF-compatible. It offers a HTTPS URL for integration into any IIIF-compatible work surfaces worldwide.


The starting point for the development of the collections is:

Currently the only subcollection is Wikimedia Commons: currently contains about 24,000 paintings, drawings and maps listed in Wikidata. Individual works can be requested directly via this link scheme:<wikidata ID>/manifest. json

For example:


Individual items can be accessed via permalink:<wikidata ID>

For example: